AI for Visual Arts & Media - a Creative Industries Showcase

Join us - Thursday 29 April 09:00 - 11:45

AI has the potential to drastically change the creative industries, to accelerate new possibilities and push the boundaries for visual arts and media.

The UK has world leading creative and digital sectors, contributing over £100 billion each to the economy. This includes some of the world’s most innovative artificial AI companies and most successful producers of film, music, and video games. 

Join us on Thursday 29 April as the Machine Intelligence Garage programme presents its creative cohort Demo Day. This pitching event will shine a spotlight on 11 of the UK’s leading AI creative startups with market ready solutions. 

Who should attend

This unique event will provide individuals within the creative industries the opportunity to understand how AI solutions can be applied into your company and gather insights into the benefits of wider industry adoption.

In particular it will be of interest to:

  • Companies interested in buying and applying creative AI led products/services matched to your business needs and requirements.
  • Key commercial partners working within the creative industries interested in startups working in the visual arts and media industries
  • Investors with an interest in AI technologies and the creative industries

Tailored for companies within the creative industries, including:

  • Media companies 
  • Broadcaster and streaming services
  • Film and animation studios
  • AAA to medium gaming developers and studios
  • Content producers
  • Music label and production companies

Why attend:

Presented by Machine Intelligence Garage’s creative cohort, the 11 exciting startups solutions are built around the novel use of AI and ML for the creative industries; from audio recognition and video enrichment, to 3D meshing, interactive storytelling and bringing TV characters to life.

Each company has been through a thorough programme of activities to further accelerate and refine their offerings and develop market ready solutions. 

Attendees will get a chance to:

  • Hear the opening keynote from the BBC on Responsible AI.
  • Listen to the pitches of some of the most exciting AI startups working in the creative industries
  • Learn from a focused panel discussion on the key barriers for AI adoption in the creative industries and how to bridge the gap between startup innovation and the real needs of the media industry attended by NVIDIA, RYOT Studios, Wild Meta and DPP.

Meet the pitching startups


AWAYTOMARS is a fashion site that uses an AI based software to co-create with designers to achieve better products

Breathe Music

This is the next generation in audio recognition; a solution that can recognise every performance of every song everywhere, on every stage and on every platform – live, online and offline

The Charisma app transforms graphic novels into interactive stories.’s To Play For transfers this capability to characters from a television programme, bringing them to life so that audiences can get involved in the story and change the narrative


DeepReel leverages the power of artificial intelligence to create the next generation of media localisation services for the entertainment industry.  It localises video content into different languages with flawless synchronisation of actors’ lip movements to the new language and offers clients the ability to choose different actor voices


EnVsion helps creators save time and produce more engaging content at scale by automating their video workflows using cognitive AI technology. Its end-to-end solution is used to improve workflows from video enrichment and discovery to video editing and creation


Figaro is a B2B search and metadata engine for music catalogues, powered by machine learning. Figaro learns the relationship between the words we use to describe music and the music itself in order to offer scalable metadata management and intuitive music search


Humain delivers high-quality 3D character assets at lower cost and in a shorter time frame to AAA video game developers, using its AI and ML technology

InPerson AI

InPerson AI allows any video media to be transformed into an ultra-immersive, highly interactive experience with six degrees of freedom viewing


Kaedim’s product is an AI powered software that produces 3D meshes from 2D input images. It does this in 1/100th of the time it would take a human designer


MetaLynx uses augmented reality to insert virtual sponsorship signage into sports footage. This results in an almost limitless virtual inventory that rights-holders can sell to sponsors. Combining this with AI-based selection of the most impactful moments, it can create more relevant and engaging content for both the audience and the sponsors

Zeta Motion

Current Motion Capture solutions are either expensive and difficult to use and scale, or inaccurate and slow. Zeta Motion revolutionises Motion Capture with a unique AI-based approach, providing products which are fast, accurate, affordable and secure

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