What is Machine Intelligence Garage?

Machine Intelligence Garage is a programme supporting UK Machine Intelligence startups by facilitating access to computation power and expertise.

Who is behind Machine Intelligence Garage?

To create Machine Intelligence Garage Digital Catapult is collaborating with hardware providers, cloud computing providers, high performance computing facilities and academics. These include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, NVIDIA, Graphcore, STFC Hartree Centre, EPCC, Newcastle University, the Alan Turing Institute, Bart’s Health Trust and Capital Enterprise. Our initial funders are Innovate UK and ERDF.

Machine Intelligence Garage is a Digital Catapult project part funded by CAP-AI via an ERDF fund and Innovate UK.

Who is Machine Intelligence Garage for?

To qualify for access you will need to meet the below eligibility criteria:

  • Have a defined product or service idea
  • Have a clear business plan
  • Have a sound technical implementation plan
  • Have the team in place
  • Be compute constrained, this would normally apply to early or very early stage startups
  • Make ethical use of algorithms and data
How will Machine Intelligence Garage help companies?

Machine Intelligence Garage will provide early stage UK machine intelligence companies access to computation and expertise to help accelerate product development.  Successful applicants will receive access to hardware (up to six weeks) or access to cloud compute as well as priority access to workshops, and technical support and advice from the Machine Intelligence Garage team and expert partners.

Additionally, we are developing an innovation programme for businesses of all sizes to meet investors, learn from peers, collaborate and win new business.

Your team

Do I have to be incorporated to qualify for Machine Intelligence Garage?

You can apply to be considered for the programme without being incorporated however you will need to be a registered UK company to be a beneficiary of the programme.

What type of businesses should apply?

We welcome applications from all industries as long as they meet the eligibility criteria. Everything else we try to keep equal, priority will be given to applications from Digital Catapult programmes and target sectors: digital manufacturing, creative industries and digital health, however we anticipate to have enough capacity to accommodate all eligible applications. Please see scoring criteria for further information here.

Intellectual Property

This programme does not seek to retain any of your IP. If you are collaborating with third parties on your applications you are expected to make appropriate IP agreements that you are comfortable with. Your application will be screened privately by Digital Catapult.

Can university teams apply?

We welcome applications from university teams if they meet the eligibility criteria and are willing to incorporate as a company if accepted on the programme.

Does Machine Intelligence Garage help with creation of new teams?

No, this programme does not specifically facilitate this – we expect teams to already be formed at the point of submitting the application.

Application process

How do I join Machine Intelligence Garage?

Machine Intelligence Garage Open Calls go live every six weeks, check our Open Call page to find out about the next round of applications.

How are applications selected?

We aim to support all eligible companies. Applicants are reviewed by the Machine Intelligence Garage programme team and are assessed only on the information provided in the application. Following first screening successful candidates will be invited to a video interview and/or demo. For further information, please see scoring criteria. Please note, applications are subject to additional terms and conditions from our partners.


Do you take equity?

Machine Intelligence Garage is an-equity free programme.

How do I securely get my data to Machine Intelligence Garage?

Depending on your dataset size and quality of connection we can set up an encrypted VPN connection to allow you to upload your data to the machine securely or accept your data on an encrypted hard drive.

Did we miss something?

Do drop us an email at hello@migarage.ai