Bringing together the best in class AI and ML startups

Through our investor activities, Machine Intelligence Garage offers investors the opportunity to meet the best startups from across the artificial intelligence community.

Meet the cohorts

With over 100 companies taking part in the programme to date, Machine Intelligence Garage boasts some of the leading-edge AI and ML startups


For many AI and ML startups access to computational power and expertise is a barrier to accelerating their growth. Machine Intelligence Garage exists to support startups from across the UK, providing a range of benefits:

Accelerate market growth and positioning

Working with Machine Intelligence Garage experts provides cohorts the opportunity to learn and develop, leading to greater market positioning and growth.

Develop new products and services

Through the access to greater computational power and expertise, Machine Intelligence Garage is the perfect place to forment new ideas and test learn and explore new market opportunities.

Ethical support

Programme participants are provided with a range of tools that centre on helping startups use data and run operations more ethically and responsibly, whilst embedding good practice within the company and product.

Technical support and workshops

In addition to computation power, including cloud credits for AWS or Google Cloud Platform, access to deep learning servers and specialist hardware; the Machine Intelligence Garage also offers technical support activities such as partner office hours, focused workshops and regular meetups.

Investment and fundraising

Through the investor focused activities and pitch training, the programme offers the opportunity for selected startups to grow, develop and raise investment.

Continued programme support

There are two phases of programme support, after the primary cohort attendance, continued participation is offered allowing participants to benefit and join workshops of relevance.

Find out who's involved

From partners and collaborators that provide best-in-class computation power as well as a network of support and expertise to cutting-edge AI startups, discover who’s involved in the programme.

Promoting the responsible and ethical use of AI

Digital Catapult’s independent Ethics Committee helps UK developers and organisations integrate ethical practice into the use of AI and ML technologies.

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